With the hustle and bustle of the school season, it is very easy to overlook some of the most basic safety rules.  Parents, please remind your children of these rules to ensure their safety to and from school.  Here is a quick list of some tips to share with your children.

If your child takes the bus to school:

  1. Arrive early at the bus stop however, while waiting, stand away from the roadside.
  2. Until the bus has come to a complete STOP, do not attempt to board.  Also, wait until the driver signals you to board.
  3. Always stay in clear view of the driver; never walk behind the bus!
  4. Before crossing, be aware of your surroundings.  LOOK in all directions (left, right, left).  Obey traffic signals and stay in the crosswalk.
  5. NEVER dart into the street or cross between vehicles.

If your child walks to school:

  1. Always cross the street at an intersection when walking to school.
  2. Parents should always accompany young children when walking to school.
  3. If your child is attending a school that new to them, walk them to school for at least a week.  Once they are acclimated, arrange for them to walk to and from school with a friend or classmate.
  4. See also rules #4 and #5 from list above.

If your child rides a bike to school:

  1. Always wear a helmet.
  2. Always ride on the right side of the street; moving in the same direction as traffic.
  3. Learn the proper HAND SIGNALS to advise others what your next maneuver is.

If your child is driven to school or your teenager drives his/herself to school: