Children and Their Cyber Exposure


The Fall season means back to school for most families.  Parents are inundated with all kinds of school-related activities…from last minute school supplies, scheduling extra-curricular activities to helping out with their child’s homework.  Most parents overlook things like their children’s online exposure.  Take the time to factor risk management and insurance into their back-to-school planning.  No matter what grade your child is in, discuss with your children their back-to-school risks—particularly those related to online exposures.

Conversations with your children about the risks they face should begin as soon as your children has online access.  Children have access to technology and social media more than ever before, making them the most connected generation with the most exposure.  Social media certainly has its pros and cons as with any new technology however, it does present unique risks like identity theft and cyber-bullying.  Speak to your children about the information they put out on the web.  Limit the applications they are able to use.  Keep mindful of all their internet activities and always keep an open dialogue.

Protect your children.  Speak to your insurance agent about obtaining cyber liability policies that provide resolution services to help clean problems related to identity theft.  (Ironically, children are the most targeted for identity theft because, it can go undetected for years – until they start using their credit.)  Perhaps discuss a cyber-liability policy for cyber bullying that includes libel and defamation especially, if your children are on Social Media platforms.  The list of cyber-liability coverages can include, but not limited to: digital forensic analysis, psychiatric care, public relations assistance, etc.  Speak to your agent about finding a policy tailored to your needs.  Go beyond just protecting your car, home or personal possessions.  Protect your loved ones.  With the expansion of the digital age, comes a slew of other exposures we need to consider.  Give us a call to discuss all of your cyber-liability insurance options!