Don’t Be Left in the Dark: Tips for Power Outage


Mother nature can be quite unpredictable…especially when hurricane season is upon us. As many people know, hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. Please review these hurricane safety tips to prepare your family for the event.

A lot of damage can be done in a major hurricane. Hurricanes can potentially damage your home or business. Debris picked up by high winds can break windows and doors. Storms can flood your basement and the lower levels of the home.  Roads and bridges can be washed away. Trees can topple over and down power lines. Power outages usually occur during stormy weather or extreme temperatures and can be detrimental.

In the event of a power outage, here are some precautionary tips:

Before a power outage:

  1. Fill your car’s gas tank.
  2. Make sure you have enough flashlights and extra batteries.
  3. Keep a supply of non-perishable food (does not require refrigeration or cooking).
  4. If cooking/heating is needed: supply yourself with a charcoal-based cooking grill and/or sterno-fuel.  Use outdoors only.
  5. Fill your bathtub with water for washing and cleaning.
  6. Make sure you have plenty of containers filled with drinking water.

During a power outage:

  1. Use battery-powered lights to see.  Avoid candles or open flames if possible.
  2. Turn off all appliances and equipment that was being used when the power went.
  3. Avoid opening the refrigerator or freezer to keep the cold temperature form escaping.
  4. Do not run a generator inside the house or in a garage.
  5. Throw away perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish, soft cheeses, milk, eggs, deli items and leftovers if the power is out for more than four hours.
  6. If the temperature in the freezer goes above 41 degrees, discard frozen food.  Don’t risk getting sick from spoilage.
  7. If there is a Boil Water Advisory, boil tap water for at least one minute or more before you use it for drinking, preparing food, washing dishes or bathing small children.

A power outage can be a nuance but, most people prepare in advance so they’re able to cope during the event.  However, costs associated with loss, property damage in the aftermath of a major hurricane can be  significant. Protect your home, business and family by securing a policy that is tailored to your needs.  Bruen Deldin DiDio can help you with the process.  If you are seeking coverage for your business or home, please give us a call: 800-660-6934.