Why Do Single People Pay More for Auto Insurance?

You may have heard it rumored but, it’s true.  A study from InsuranceQuotes.com found the following:

For the same policy, a single 20-year-old pays 21% more than a married 20-year-old!

Why is this?  Insurance premiums are based on statistics.  The statistics have shown:

  1. Singles are a higher risk and will likely file claims.
  2. Drivers younger than 25 are less experienced as drivers and are less emotionally mature.
  3. Singles usually have roommates that will likely borrow the car; adding extra risk to insurance.
  4. Singles usually buy newer, “faster” vehicles which, may cost more to repair and are more susceptible to theft.
  5. Married drivers may be more cautious since they’re more likely to have kids.

What can a single person do to decrease their auto insurance rate?

  1. Keep your driving record clean by avoiding speeding violations and accidents.
  2. Take driver’s education classes to learn as much as you can about vehicle safety, and obey all the laws of the road.
  3. Avoid having roommates, if at all possible.
  4. Do the insurance research before you purchase a vehicle.
  5. Shop around for car insurance to find the best rates. Speak to you agent about things you can do to lower your insurance rates.

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Note: Hawaii is the only state that prohibits insurance companies from considering marital status in rate calculations. Age cannot be a factor in either Hawaii or California.

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