Three Reasons for Choosing an Independent Insurance Agent

img_clockflagWhen it comes to getting insurance for your home, auto or business why consider using a local, independent insurance agency?

After all, you can search online and find dozens (or hundreds) of sites offering you free quotes.

Of course, there’s more to getting the coverage you need than filing out a short web-form and hoping for the best. Because when you get right down to it there can be a big difference between getting a policy… and getting the right policy for your situation.

Three reasons for using an independent agency

The first reason is probably the most obvious one — choosing a local agent means working with someone who knows who you are.

Yes, customer service is important.

And these days it’s safe to say that we all prefer the “personal touch” rather than dealing with an 800 number, endless phone tree menus, and then waiting on hold to talk with someone “God knows where.” So working with a local agent provides you with better service.

But it also provides you with something more than that.

By working with a local agency you are working with someone who knows you area and your neighborhood. So when it comes to getting a risk assessment or a homeowner’s insurance policy chances are you can get better coverage for a better price. In fact, for home insurance premiums can vary based on the zip code where you live.

So local know-how can translate into savings.

Next, by working with a local agent you have access to many more insurance companies than you may realize. And these finally-sound provider often offer special discounts for things like your credit history, or how well your son or daughter does in school (for teen auto insurance).

The bottom line?

Though the larger insurance providers have house-hold name recognition, that comes with a price. After all, someone has to pay for all those TV ads and corporate sponsorships. But local agents can provide you with the same or better coverage, and often for a fraction of the cost.

Finally, there’s the importance of having an annual policy review.

Let’s face facts… the only constant in our lives IS change.

And as your situation changes over time you may need to adjust the amount or type of coverage that you have, whether you’re insuring your home, auto, or business. Only by working with a local agent who knows your situation can you get the level of service you need, for the best possible price, knowing that your policies are the right ones for your situation.

Does that make sense to you?

If so…

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