Halloween Safety Tips from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

Halloween Safety Tips from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

13597838_mIt’s that time of year again as the leaves begin to fall, homes are decorated with ghosts and goblins, and pumpkins appear on every porch.

With Halloween just around the corner here are some common sense safety tips from the Putnam County Sheriff, Donald B. Smith who urges all residents to be especially careful during October 31st.

So listen up kids and parents alike…

Halloween safety tips

When it comes to costumes, face paint is safer than a mask.

If you child’s costume does have a mask, please make sure there are adequate holes so he or she can breathe easier as well as having good peripheral vision.

Children and adults out trick-or-treating should wear some reflective clothing. Consider walking with a flashlight or glow-stick, carry a bright orange back, and reflective tape is a good idea as well.

Also, please make sure you walk on any sidewalks in your neighborhood or on the left hand side of the road facing traffic.

It almost goes without saying that young children should always be accompanied by an adult. A parent or older teenage child should always be within close range of younger children. Do not let your little ones walk down a street by themselves, and always remain close by as they approach a home. It’s a good idea to follow your children down driveways or wait beside the door as they trick-or-treat a stranger’s home.

Use the “buddy system.”

Older children should always remain in pairs or groups. Never venture down empty, dark streets alone, and make sure your parents know the route you are taking. Take your smart phone with you and keep adults updated about where you are and where you are going.

Always walk together to the front door (or door that is lit) and never run across dark yards or streets.

Remember to avoid dark, unlit homes. And never approach a home that seems empty or has no outside lights on.

When it comes to the treats you collected during the night make sure you save all your candy until you get home. Parents should inspect all candy and wrappers to make sure they haven’t been opened or tampered with. If anything looks suspicious or you’re not sure throw it away.

Should your child become ill call your doctor or emergency room IMMEDIATELY!

In that case try your best to determine what your child has eaten. Make sure you save all wrappers, just in case.

Homeowner safety tips

When it comes to decorating your home here are some tips to avoid and possible fires.

Please keep in mind that your jack-o-lantern and any other electrical decorations can be a fire hazard. Do not leave jack-o-lanterns on all night. Make sure you extinguish any candles left inside before going to be.

And be sure to keep these items away from the reach of small children and flammable materials.

Never leave your house unattended if you can help it.

An empty home on Halloween is, unfortunately, an invitation to trouble. If you do have to leave your home unattended make sure you lock all doors, and ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your property.

During Halloween Night Sheriff Smith has stated that the Sheriff’s Office, the State Police, and local police departments plan to have an increased number of patrols on duty during the evening of October 31st. And community organizations like REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams) will also have volunteer members out to act as extra eyes and ears for law enforcement.

By following these tips hopefully you’ll enjoy a fun-filled night with your family.