About Bruen Deldin DiDio

Agency Compensation Disclosure

As an independent insurance agent or insured broker I, or my firm, (hereafter “I”) may have access to more than one insurance company to place your coverage. Whether acting as an independent insurance agent or insurance broker I have certain obligations to you as the purchaser and certain obligations to the insurance company as determined in both statutory and case law. If acting as an independent insurance agent I may have authority to obligate the insurance company on your behalf and as a result I may be required to act within the scope of my contractual agreement with the company. As the purchaser you need to understand that I typically will receive compensation from the selling company based on the agreement I have with the company. That compensation may vary from company to company and also be impacted by the volume of business I place with the company, the profitability of that business and other factors.

Important Information on Commissions

The Directors, Officers and Employees of BDDA; as a matter of corporate policy, are obligated to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, and do not accept non-monetary rewards or tokens of appreciation that may or could be construed to be linked to the specific placement of our client’s accounts.

You may receive information about my compensation on the policy or policies you select and about any policies I have presented to you which you did not select by asking me for the information.