Health Care Reform
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Fact:  The health care reform law has had a massive impact on the health care system in the United States and different employers have different compliance needs. 

How do you stay up to date on changes in legislation? What sources do you rely on fo Hr accurate and timely information?
We can provide you with timely updates on health care reform and explain how changes affect your business, in layman’s terms. Our comprehensive, well-researched documents are written by a team of lawyers to help you stay in compliance.

Fact:  Under the health care reform law, large employers who do not offer affordable health care coverage to their full-time employees will face a penalty (called a “shared responsibility payment”).

Do you offer affordable health coverage to your full-time employees? Do you know how many full-time equivalent employees you have? Have you decided if you will continue offering coverage and has your current broker helped you evaluate your best options?
Using our comprehensive Pay or Play Calculator, we can help you calculate potential penalties of not offering coverage, and help you determine the best strategic option for your business. We also provide up-to-date, easy-to-understand documents that contain IRS guidance on the employer shared responsibility penalty, including information on employee classification.

Fact:  Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most health plans are not permitted to impose pre-existing condition exclusions, or lifetime or annual limits on enrollees. 

Does the health plan you offer violate this condition? Does your plan impose “restricted annual limits” that meet the guidelines for the current year? Has your broker given you guidance about this provision of ACA?
We can guide you through selecting a health plan to ensure that your plan is in compliance with current, applicable regulations. We can provide you with information that details what your plan must cover, and the rules for rescinding coverage.

Fact:  The health care reform law requires health plans to file statements certifying their compliance with HIPAA’s electronic transaction standards and operating rules 

 Are you aware of the deadlines for HIPAA certification? Are you in compliance with HIPAA’s electronic transaction standards and operating rules?
Our suite of information on HIPAA includes explanations of certification requirements and details on applicable deadlines.

Fact:  The Patient’s Bill of Rights provides three new requirements for group health plans and health insurance coverage that are referred to as “patient protections.” 

Do you know what protections your employees now have under this bill? Do you know if this bill applies to your plan?
We can provide you with information on the bill’s three new requirements, how to ensure that you are complying with them and what exceptions exist.

Fact:  In addition to penalties for not offering affordable health care coverage to full-time employees, large employers will face penalties if the affordable coverage they offer does not provide minimum value.

Will your plan incur these penalties? Do you know how to determine whether or not it provides minimum value?   
We can assist you with evaluating the health coverage you offer to estimate its value using our sophisticated Pay or Play Calculator. In addition, we can provide information on how to ensure that your plan provides minimum value.

Fact:  No fewer than nine different health care reform regulations take effect in 2013. 

Do you know what they are? Has your broker helped you prepare for them? Are you aware of the deadlines for complying?

We have a 2013 compliance checklist that can help you track the implementation of health care reform in your business. This checklist and the health care reform timeline are updated regularly and keep you on top of health care reform.

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Health Care Reform Affects on Small Businesses…Important Information to Know

Small Business Tax Credit Calculator tool…you may be eligible to receive a credit under the ACA

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